MML Marine Case Study

MML Marine is the world’s leading marine door manufacturer and supplier, supplying blast and fire door solutions for Shipbuilding, Navy Supply, Oil & Gas and on/offshore Wind Energy Projects to name a few. They specialise in heavy-duty doors, windows and hatches as well as holding a large stock of marine door hardware.

MML has been providing bespoke solutions to meet client’s specific requirements for over 30 years, allowing them to build a reputable brand.



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These results are based on a 12 month campaign period.

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The Brief

We were appointed by MML Marine in 2014 to help improve their website to showcase their main services and products to build and maintain a healthy online presence to attract more customers online and to increase sales through this platform. They also wanted to use the online platform to trail targeting smaller, more niche markets; such as providing a range of doors to the offshore market (rather than just ships).

MML previously used more traditional methods of marketing such as brochures and pdf’s to display their products. Therefore their aim was to increase the number of product sales digitally by improving their online platform. They had previously run PPC campaigns with huge budgets through another agency however they were getting very little results and seen their money being wasted.

From this they wanted to find and target new industries online, develop a strong ranking position on Google and ensure that they had a more cost-effective PPC campaign where their brand was getting in front of their desires customers. Needed help they reached out to us to create an effective digital marketing strategy and campaign to increase sales.

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The Challenge

Initially, we carried out thorough competitor research for marine and shipbuilding doors and windows manufacturer and suppliers in their desired target countries. We went through the original campaign set up for PPC and identified its flaws and why it was performing ineffectively. From our findings, we developed a strategy incorporating their Paid advertising within, MML’s goals and their budget.

We designed and developed a new website for MML Marine focusing on a simplistic use and user journey that highlights all their different service areas such as marine & offshore, categorising their products for each sector and also by product type to ensure that everything could be sourced easily by the customer on the website.

After a clear strategy was set out and the new website was built, further keyword research was conducted a PPC campaign was developed focusing on products ensuring that it is optimised for high priority products during different times on the year. A continuous SEO strategy was developed and is continuously adapted and worked upon in order to develop the sites organic google rankings

In addition to the Google Ads, we wanted to increase MML’s brand awareness so developed organic social media content strategies to reach B2B customers via Linkedin and further customers on Facebook & Twitter.

The Results

We have been working with MML Marine for 5 years and our efforts have strengthened MMLs online presence and brand awareness.


Increase of Engagement on Linkedin


Improved No. of Keywords on Page 1


Google Ad Clicks


Increase of Reach on Linkedin


Change in Keyword Rankings


Google Ad Impressions

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