The CV Squad

The CV Squad is an award-winning online CV writing company. With expert knowledge and experience in the recruitment market, they are industry leading when it comes to helping people get their desired job.



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The Brief

The CV Squad approached us with the aim of gaining more exposure online in their highly competitive market. As having previously struggled with the complexities of Google Ads, they wanted our PPC experts to take charge of their PPC account and optimise it to their advantage.

In the beginning, The CV Squad set out four main goals:

  • To increase conversions
  • To build awareness of their brand within a competitive market
  • To reduce online costs
  • To improve click through rate by reducing ad spend

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The Challenge

When we took on The CV Squad’s PPC account, we re-evaluated their current online strategy with the aim of prioritising their goals, whilst also reducing their budget spent with Google.

Firstly, we restructured their full PPC campaign and eliminated ineffective campaigns and keywords. This reduced the quantity of poor quality traffic landing on the website and improved conversions.

After analysing competitors online, it was apparent that The CV Squad’s online user-journey had to be improved to help increase conversions. We re-designed 11 web-pages on their website, with the aim of streamlining their purchase process.

With the success of the website refresh, we looked at other methods of driving good quality traffic to the website. Given the nature of The CV Squad’s market and target audience, we decided to utilise LinkedIn ads to target Directors and Managers seeking new opportunities.

The Results

We have been working hard for our clients – The CV Squad, for 6 months, to ensure their campaigns are fully optimised, improving the number and quality of leads directed to their website, whilst reducing their overall spend with Google.


Increase of Website Users


Increase PPC clicks


Reduced Bounce Rate by


Increase of Page Views


Increase PPC Impressions


Reduced Costs by

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